Saturday, July 28, 2012

Starting Out

So this whole blog thing is really new to me, I've read plenty and enjoyed them all!!

I'll be honest at first when blogs were just starting to become a "thing" and be more popular I wasn't at all sure why people would want to just write and write and share a lot with the world and people they didn't even know.  But now I understand it is just another form of journalism, if a more personalized one! :)  I think it's a good way to spread ideas and share things and get even more people interested and started on what your passions are.

I've been so fortunate to live a pretty fantastic life, lucky to have amazing family and friends and of course the most amazing man in my life!! <3  I love photography and creating things and working hard to get to where I am and want to go!


  1. SO excited to see this! Welcome to the blogging world, lovely. <3