Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horrible Southern Drivers

So…I’m not usually one to make generalizations about people, but I’m going to go ahead and do that right now with a little story to start you out:

I got my Honda CRV, who I’ve name Silver Bullet, back in 2005 right as I was finishing my junior year of high school.  Growing up in Alaska is a pretty nice place to learn to drive, compared to Los Angeles or New York City or another extremely populated and busy city.  Because Alaska is relatively light on crazy drivers Silver Bullet’s horn is well preserved.  I moved to Washington State (Tacoma more specifically) to go to college, GO LUTES!!!, where the traffic increased a little bit; I rarely used Silver Bullet’s horn.  After college I moved to Columbus, Georgia (right on the Alabama border) near Fort Benning.

Driver’s in the South are HORRIBLE.  I rarely saw people use their blinkers (thankfully I’m a pretty observant and defensive driver) and sudden and unsafe lane changes were a common thing.  When Derek and I moved to the Fort Knox, Kentucky area it got worse!!!!!!  Most recently, Tuesday morning at 6am, I was at the beginning of my 1-hour (one way) commute to my job up in Louisville, which involves driving on Joe Prather Highway (KY 313)…this high way is mostly one lane each way with the occasional “truck lane”. 

Well, I was cruising along doing my own thang (aka. Driving SAFELY and like a normal person)…when some jerk coming the opposite direction decided to pass the 5 cars that were in front of him (causing him to drive in my lane…TOWARDS ME…yikes!!!).  He was in such a hurry that he just had to get around them at this exact second and barely…and I mean BARELY (as in 4-5 feet from my car)…got back in to his rightful lane.  Anyways, back to Silver Bullet’s horn.  I sure laid on the horn really heavy for about 5ish seconds.  I feel like I should send a bill to the idiot driver for making me use the horn.  TAX!!! Yes.  I like that idea.

That being said, aside from the bad driving…people here are generally pretty nice!


  1. They don't understand yield, either!

  2. Sharon McKendrickAugust 5, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    That was a good story. More blogging, please!