Saturday, August 25, 2012

bond, james bond

So my new job is in downtown Louisville and is within walking distance to a lot of restaurants.  But with only a limited amount of time for lunch, there really aren’t too many choices for an employee paid by the hour (aka. Someone who can’t take an extended lunch without missing out on $$$).  A common choice is Jimmy John’s, they’re quick, delicious, and 2 blocks from the office.  **I need to add that I think they put some sort of addictive substance in the bread because it is AWESOME.

A few days ago I walked to Jimmy John’s for lunch and passed by a parking garage, one of those really small ones that actually just looks like they gutted a store and put concrete on the ground and painted in parking spots.  As I walked by the roll-down door was shutting and I had the sudden urge to go all James Bond on it.  By this I mean keep acting super cool and then seamlessly drop and roll under the closing door.  I thought about it for too long and realized that I am in fact NOT James Bond and at that point probably would have gotten crushed.

I’ll leave the James Bond-ing to the man himself.

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  1. You're right...there is only ONE James Bond. :) Keep the blogs comin', Callie!